Wonky Windows

Hi all.

Sorry I haven’t been around much as of late; been right busy behind the scenes taking care of this, that, and the other. Much of that other, of course, has involved chasing Little One around in ever widening circles.

While much of February was dedicated to getting final designs off to Andover, March is going to be the month of baby quilts. The goal is to get at least three done, though I still have my fingers crossed for getting four done. Now is the time to play a bit of catch up and start making sense of my goals as a quilter. The fact that I am addicted has been firmly established, but as usual that isn’t enough for me. I need a direction, some problems to solve, an agenda to work out. I think I am finally getting through the basic skills stage; now it is time to start spreading those metaphorical wings — at least once I finish the quilt currently on my table.

One thing that I think I have figured out is that I like wonky, or at least I like working off-square. For example, here is my first finished quilt for the month; I’m calling it Wonky Window. So many fabulous prints in this one, a shmorgasbord of pretty. This one was so much fun to make that I see myself working with dozens of prints on a regular basis. (Especially when I get to start working with my own).

Now, on to finishing the one currently occupying my sewing table. Just a wee bit of hand-quilting and then it’s time to get to binding, though I gotta admit that I am already chomping at the bit to get to cutting the next one out.

You can call me Junky if you want to…


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