And Another WIP

One baby quilt finished on Saturday (post about that one coming soon) and I am already well into the next one. I know you all warned me about this quilting thing being addictive, but gee whiz this is getting ridiculous. Granted I am the one setting the agenda of designing and making at least two quilts a month, but I do have a whole lot of learning to do and want to do it right quick (If I haven’t mentioned it already I am not the best at patience either).

Anyway, this one is a bit folksier than I would expect from me, but it isn’t like I am particularly wedded to any style or anything. Though I really do love what happens when you just rotate the same block 90 degrees each time you use it; such wonderful meta-patterns emerge. (Yay meta!!!) So while last week’s quilt is going to head off to England as soon as I get happy, yummy pictures of it, this oversized baby quilt will be heading down to NYC as soon as I get through it.

Now on to quilting this one and then off I’ll go to work on the next one. Just as a hint for that one: think braille.


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