As The WIPs Pile Up

So, the whole family is heading down to Louisville this weekend to spend Spring Break with one of Little One’s grandmothers. In preparation for the trip I am piling up the WIPs so I will have plenty to do there without having to bring the entire stash. Thus I haven’t much for show and tell at the moment. The second half of March should be chock full o’ finished projects, but right now it is all about the grunt work of cutting, stitching, working on the new website, and contemplating plans and options for the year to come.

In the meantime, though, I do have some shiny new pictures of Little One. Those are always fun, aren’t they?

First off we have the biggest bunny hop ever; I think she even surprised herself a bit:


Next we have the odd day in which most things had something to do with Little One’s big-girl pants; later in the day we were gifted a tub of play-doh carefully wrapped in a pair of big-girl pants:


And finally, we see Little One looking far too grown up; it was just yesterday that she still had her wispy baby hair (though even then she had more hair than I do):


Gosh, I love that Little One.

So, soon there will be some projects making their way from the various sewing tables to the land of the finished projects and I will share them here as soon as I can. Also keep your eyes out for an upcoming guest spot over at Sew, Mama, Sew later this month. In the meantime I’ll be busy cutting, stitching, and fretting; I never seem to be able to avoid the fretting…


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