Vacation (Sort of…)

So I am supposed to be on vacation, but now just really isn’t a good time for it; so much to do and so very little time. Luckily we were driving so I could pack up what I needed and bring it on along.

Of course I forgot about half of the things I should have packed, and brought a project far bigger than I’ll ever have time to even start thinking about on this trip. And happily on this end of the trip there was a lovely dining room just waiting for all of my packing to come tumbling out.


After a fabulous day with Little One today I think I shall have to hide myself away amidst my traveling clutter to see what I can manage to get done. Good think I’m not a welder anymore, not nearly as mobile as a sewing machine, at least not in the family car with a toddler strapped into a car seat.


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