Did You Know That Zoos Are Really Fun?

They are, especially if you go with a two-year-old.

Sorry I haven’t been posting much as of late; a lot of my time has been going into launching the new site. Still have a lot to do, but the migration is underway. From now on I will be posting here instead of back at Way Cool Kid. Over the next few weeks I will be fleshing the rest of the site out and making a few more announcements and the like. But in the mean time let’s focus on what’s important: how much fun it is to go to the zoo with Little One.







See what I mean? Fun.

More projects coming soon including a bit of guest blogging over at Sew, Mama, Sew. Might have to rename it Sew, Papa, Sew for the day…


PS Hope you like the new site design. Way Cool Kid won’t be going away entirely, just part of the bigger picture now. Yay for big pictures!!!

PPS Go ahead and become a follower. It’ll be fun; I promise…

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