Back into Progress

After a truly hectic month of some big life decisions for the family and nearly a month in the old design bunker getting the final designs for my first two lines with Andover tweaks and pushed and prodded (I so wish I could just share these with you right now but you know the deal…), and making a quick trip to the emergency room that ended up keeping me in bed for a solid week afterwards (darn you HKPP, but on the upside I got the lion’s share of a future line all wrapped up from said bed), I am finally back into the material world making progress on new projects.

(Apparently this past month has also thoroughly renewed my problem with interminable sentences.)

So I think it is about time for me to post a little something; it has been far too long. Hopefully I will be finishing this baby quilt this weekend; I am calling it Wonky Window. This one is 48″ x 48″ but I have dreams of making a queen version of it with the biggest wonky blogs ever!!! The idea of doing 36″ wonky blocks that use 30+ prints each just makes me swoon…

Much more to come soon; March is going to be the month for lots and lots of new projects. So keep your eyes out…


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