Out from the Bunker

I finally pulled myself out of the design bunker today. Been there finishing up designs to send off to Andover and start the process of getting stuff onto cotton. Yay!!! Of course my obsessive nature has been taking over and I have been down in the bunker for much longer than I planned to be. But, as I just said, I finally pulled myself out for a bit today.

Dearest wife let me sleep in a bit today, and then there was a bit of play with Little One before my body decided to turn against me and send me back to bed (darn that neuromuscular disorder). We even got to play a bit of my favorite new game: Silly Goose and Flappy Duck. Of course I am the Silly Goose.

(Prepare you for today’s embarrassing photo; I can’t believe I am posting this. Not because I am being Silly Goose, but because I am in my pyjamas)

Anyway. This afternoon I actually got to sew again for the first time in forever. Finally cut into the bundle of From Little Things the fabulous Sarah Fielke sent me. I have been dying to play with it and am finally just going to shove some things to the side and do so. Once again, Yay!!!

This isn’t how the wee blocks are going to be arranged, but it is the only sneak peek I’m giving out at the moment. Suffice it to say there will be lots of applique and embroidery and stuff and other stuff. And maybe some buttons or pom-poms too…

Anyway, back to work.


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