Yay friends!!!

So, I think we are largely settled back into a routine after the long trip away. We survived the week in the sweltering heat of South Carolina, and safely found our way home. And along the way we even got the chance to visit with some of our favorite quilty friends…

We had brunch with the wonderful Kristen and her family; it was so great to meet the rest of her clan and to get to catch up and talk fabric and books and all the rest. And after brunch her Bees and our Bee had a lovely frolic together until a slight misunderstanding over who was or wasn’t friends of Papa (and some misunderstanding over who Papa was) lead to a nap-needing meltdown…

We also got to have dinner with the fabulous Candi and Julie. Bee even posed for photos despite her macaroni and cheese being a disappointment, and having fallen asleep (under duress) at the dinner table — at this point all the travels were getting to her…



That second one is quite definitely one of my favorite pics of Bee ever; she has such an expressive face. I promise she was not nearly as confuzzled as she looks. She love, love, loved Candi and Julie!!!

But know what she really loved??? The 24 pounds of fabric Julie brought along for me.


One quilter’s studio cleaning is another’s stash development. There are some fabulous tonals in there that are itching to be deployed in an improv project or two. Yay!!! Thank you Auntie Julie!!!

Now to find the time to sew. I got a few more real world things checked off the list today, bringing me ever closer to getting to work on Scrap Vomit.



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4 Responses to Yay friends!!!

  1. 1
    Julie says:

    love love love bee!! i was seriously tempted to take her home with me! your daughter & your wife are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and i wish we all lived closer. enjoy the fabric!!

  2. 2
    Andrew J says:

    I would make that face too if Julie tried to kiss me on the cheek like that! Haha, just kidding (although it would certainly be a bit strange …).

  3. 3
    Cathy says:

    Adorable! Love your expressions! I also love the line “One quilter’s studio cleaning is another’s stash development. ” I am so putting that as my status on FB tonight!

  4. 4

    Hey Thomas. What are you going to make with the Daisy Jane fabric? Is it top secret? LOVE your little girl.

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