A Great Way to Come Home…

At last, I am back from vacation… And the computer is fully up and running… And I don’t have to be in a dead panic about this that and the other… It’s time to get back to my dear old blog. I have missed you so!!!

I have so much to share, but I’m gonna be reasonable and not blurt it all out at once; the post would be insanely long and I just don’t have the three-and-a-half hours it would take to write about it all at once. So, today’s news…

I’m in a magazine!!!


I know, I already tweeted about this, but I think it deserves a blog post as well; I am just that excited! The Fall issue of Stitch just came out and there is a lovely profile of me in it. Just as I was arriving at Spring Market I received an unexpected email from the wonderful Tricia at Stitch about doing an interview at Market; I am pretty sure I danced in circles in the Phoenix airport (as soon as I regained control of my dropped jaw).

And Tricia is just wonderful; it was so much fun just chatting with her, and she did a great job (as one would expect) with the piece. I feel so lucky and grateful and, honestly, overwhelmed.

So, now head on out to your local newsstand or quilt shop and pick up your copy; I already got mine digitally and it is an awesome issue. There are a ton of great projects and more. But, of course, it is worth its cover price for the darling pic of me with baby Bee and some fantastic plastic dinosaurs.

Now, off to work; just because the chaos is beginning to take shape doesn’t mean it isn’t still chaos…


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