Summer of Scrap Vomit

After a long absence due to a computer crisis, a vacation, a second computer crisis, the purchase of a new computer, and then a lightening strike that left us without phones or internet for ten days I am back at last. It feels like an eternity since I have been consistently online, and it is time for that to change. It is time for the summer of Scrap Vomit!!!

Thank you so much to all of you wonderful quilters and sewists who have shared from your stashes and lives to make this project possible. I have indeed made my goal, though due to the difficultly in finding enough suitable black prints I have had to scale things back a wee bit in terms of scale, but I have added a third SV quilt to the family: now I am making a queen (98″ x 98″), a short twin (70″ x 70″) and a dolly SV quilt (24″ x 24″) for Bee’s new dolly named Molly (Molly came home from Wife after her recent trip to Italy). Nevertheless there will be an incredible number of squares flying around now that the grand sort has been completed. I think it is going to take far less time to stitch these quilts than it did to sort all the squares…

So, who wants to see some squares? How about the first four today???





thomas-knauer-sews-scrap-vomit-detail1I love, love, love the block with the little cartoon girl looking wistfully across the way at Fonzie (I still can’t believe someone made Fonzie fabric), but my favorite part is Aneela Hoey’s girl on a swing from Sherbet Pips. I adore her swinging there in her square!!!

So, those are the first four B blocks. Twenty more to go for the queen quilt (I actually have more than four done, but don’t wanna overload y’all). These are the most fun blocks to make ever!!! I love digging through my bags of squares and putting together each block; I spend almost as much time playing with squares as I do sewing. This quilt is really a pattern-lover’s dream.

So, the Summer of Scrap Vomit has begun. Keep your eyes out for more bocks, and an announcement about the Scrap Vomit Pillow Swap I wanna do with you all. I actually have more squares than I could possibly use (I got a few boxes at the end that pushed me way past my goal). So we need to find some good homes for these squares…

Oh, and a bunch more announcements coming soon, soon, soon!!!

I’ve missed you all so much!!!


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