Xmas Eve Embroidery

Hi all…

Yep, it is Xmas eve, and I will be spending much of the night using itty bitty Allen wrenches to assemble a kitchen for the Little One. Considering it came in two large boxes I am guessing there are approximately eleven thousand, four hundred and seventy-three pieces to attach to each other. While I am not thrilled by that prospect, I am rather excited to see Little One’s reaction in the morning.

Hip hip hooray!!!

And if I am lucky enough to find some time after the assembly is complete I hope to get to do a little more work on the embroidery for the quilt. I have three of these done, and just three more to go. And then it will be time to embroidery the little birdie to perch in the garden. Yay!!!

So, hope all of you who celebrate Xmas have a lovely time of it tomorrow. And I hope all of you who don’t celebrate have a wonderful day doing whatever you do tomorrow.


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