Xmas and Quilting

So. Xmas has come and gone. This was the first one Little One was fully aware of, and she had a fantastic time. Here is what she came down to on Xmas morning:

At first it was all a bit fraught and overwhelming, but after a trip back up to her nursery and a few stories in her glider she came back down full of enthusiasm. And fun was had by all, especially when it came to finding her white bunnies from Santa (that’s what she asked Santa for this year.)

And then in the afternoon there was her first screening of the Muppet Movie, and a shared bowl of popcorn with Mama and Papa. That one piece of popcorn sat right there on her napkin through the entire movie, and she loved it. It was so exciting to have popcorn and a movie with Mama and Papa.

In the meantime I actually managed to get some progress made on my first quilt. The body of the top is done; now I just have to do the border with all of its applique (fifty-two Parisville pedals):

And happily, Little One is already thoroughly enamored with this quilt. Every time she catches a glimpse of it she wants to be wrapped up in it, and who am I to keep her from that:

She also got hold of a couple of fat quarters that were laying around and she quickly declared, “I need some thread for my quilt.” and set about laying thread across the fabric and telling us that she wants to make a quilt. She is so verily my wee daughter.


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