Ever wondered just what 1,032 2.5″ squares looks like???

Well, even if you haven’t I’m going to show you, ’cause that’s what I am up to in the quest for the No-Repeat Scrap Vomit Quilt.

Actually, pause a moment, perhaps I should start calling it by its more formal name now that there are a bunch of people watching. What do you think? Scrap Vomit or Technicolor Yawn???

Anyway, the picture:


The two towers on the left include all 1,032 squares cut to date. And yes, that is a tidy pile of scraps still in need of cutting; they just came in the mail today. Once I get started on laying out blocks I will be posting about the people who are making this quilt possible by sending along fabric love; this quilt is as much about them, and their stories, as it is about my making it. I am loving seeing the bits of fabric come in with notes and emails about the stashes they came from.

But today I gotta go ahead and showcase a really special square. It was sent to me by one of Bee’s godmother’s mother; let’s call Bee’s godmother Dr. S, and her mother Martha. Anyway, Martha sent along a square from her remaining bits of Dr. S’s favorite shirt from when she was 10 years old. I love this square; it is totally part of the family. Thanks Martha. We totally love you and your super-awesome daughter. I love having something special from the two of you in this project!!!


And to me that is the point of this quilt, extending my community, my family, and then, when the quilt is all done, having a giant reminder of everyone involved, and all the love sent with those 2.5″ squares.

Oh, and having one giant, incredibly insane, and absolutely beautiful quilt.

Yay quilts!!!


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