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Hi all… Just taking a quick break from the hectic chaos that will soon subside slightly to share a bit of news… It’s a boy (or will be early next year)… I think he looks rather like a Milo. Bee … Continue reading

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The plus side of vacations (in pictures)…

While taking time off generally makes me entirely twitchy, there are some positives that make up for the perpetually humming in my brain urging me to get back to work on one thing or another. So, here are a few … Continue reading

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Rest (or something resembling it at least)…

After what has been an insane first half of the year we are finally taking a break. Wife has submitted her tenure file, sent off the massive article, and proofed her book. (Yep, she’s pretty freakin’ amazing!!!) I have finished … Continue reading

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Life is insane…

Seriously, it is. You want proof? You never know when you’ll find yourself helping your wee daughter to lasso a six-foot-tall chicken… See, totally freakin’ insane. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg… Yay insanity!!! -T

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Happy Mothers’ Day (with a trip to the zoo)

Since Wife is spending her Mothers’ Day in an Honor Court hearing on campus (silly students), we celebrated yesterday with some fun. Hopefully she’ll get a break today and have a chance to check in here and see just how … Continue reading

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Ever wondered just what 1,032 2.5″ squares looks like??? Well, even if you haven’t I’m going to show you, ’cause that’s what I am up to in the quest for the No-Repeat Scrap Vomit Quilt. Actually, pause a moment, perhaps … Continue reading

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