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Busy, busy, busy this past week, but just wanted to pop in and share a quick sneak peek at the new quilt patterns I’ll be coming out with before too very long. These are just the tops; one is getting the super-awesome deluxe quilt treatment by the extra-fabulous McLisa, while the other is heading to a local quilter for some quilting that I designed especially for this quilt (nothing special, just persnickity).

The first one is a little challenge I set myself, to design a quilt especially for Jo Morton’s new line Elizabethtown. I love, love, love the heck out of Jo and wanted to do something that fit my style yet inspiration from more traditional forms. I can’t wait to get this one back from Lisa; I’ve one word about the quilting: trapunto. Eeeee!!!!


The second one is called Method, and the inspiration for it came from 70s architecture, specifically the dire architecture of the Methodist church I went to in NJ when I was just little. It also feels a lot like something Mike Brady might have designed; I can totally see this quilt in the Brady Bunch house…


I think this quilt is a perfect fit for Flock, which should hit stores in about a month. Once again, Eeeeee!!!!


But this quilt is really just an excuse for me to play with what I think of as Modern Brown. Brown often gets a bad rep in terms of Modernism (I blame 70s knock-off home decor), but I can, and have, made arguments that it is the essential Modernist color, no matter what those Bauhaus devotees might say.

Anyway. Just gotta write these up. Oh, and do the million other things I have to do this month. Ack!!!


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