Roadtrip anyone???

So, I’m thinking about a roadtrip this spring, perhaps in March. You know, just after Flock hits stores. What I’m thinking is that I’d love to go on tour and do some talks and workshops, whether they be fabric or quilting focused. I can go either way, and I love to do both. I’m finishing working on my spring patterns right now, and already have a couple of the tops done. It’s all really starting to come together, and I’m really hoping to get back into teaching after half a lifetime in academia.

So, it just may be time for a roadtrip, assuming I can work about a million things out. One thing I do know is my ideal route; want to hit some of my favorite cities and shops. This is what I’m thinking…


Home to Philly, to DC, to Raleigh, to Charlotte, to Atlanta, to Cincinnati, to Columbus, to Home. Sounds like a fabulous roadtrip. Now I just need to find places to teach, and figure out all the logistics and economics and everything. Ack!!!

So, if you have any advice on setting up something like this, or want me to come to your shop or guild please tell me now. I’m gonna need all the help and advice that I can get in figuring this out. I have a few places in mind, but have no clue about the ins and the outs and the nuances of doing this. Of course, I had no clue a year ago when I decided I wanted to design fabric either, so I figure I ought to just dive right in…

Now I just have to figure out how to swim… Help!!!


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