Happy Mail (the Jo Morton edition)

One of my big regrets about Quilt Market was that I almost entirely missed the Modern Quilt Guild get-together. There were so many people that I was planning to meet with at that event that I hardly got to see elsewhere at Market. Unfortunately, and Andover dinner went extra long, which brings me to the silver lining…

While I was delighted to spend time at dinner with all of the Andover designers, I was especially happy to get a chance to really talk with Jo Morton; I am a huge fan of her fabric. While repro isn’t generally my style, she has that certain je ne sais quoi that I almost always love. And as we talked we found that we had far more in common than one might think, which I find to generally be the case when people who love quilts get together.

I may be knew to this community, but I am already ferociously attached to the premise that quilts matter, and that is what really resonates for me about Jo’s work. I can just feel that it truly matters to her at a level that goes far beyond just creating good designs. (That’s actually what I love about the quilt community; there are so many people I can say this about.)


Anyway, during the dinner I told Jo that I would love to design a quilt in my style using her new line Elizabethtown, which I really, really love . The blues, pinks, and yellows are both vibrant and sedate at once, something I always love in color.

Anyway, I just got a fabulous package from Jo in the mail, which I immediately ripped open and started cutting. The top is already done, and I am just waiting on vast swaths of a few prints for the back and binding. I love the heck out of this quilt; I’m pretty sure it is going to be the coverboy for the pattern (coming in March).

Thank you so much Jo, and can’t wait to see you in KC…


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