Rachael Gander (the Modern Quilt Perspectives blog tour)…

(Read Rachael’s post for the MQP blog tour over here. And then stick around at ImagineGnats. Trust me…)

thomas-knauer-sews-rachael-gander-1Rachel Gander is freakin’ awesome. It’s just that simple. Rachel and I have been online chums since way back when, by which I mean a few years ‘cause that counts as way back when for me in the quilty world considering I finished my first quilt at the very end of 2010. Rachel and I talk about all the stuff, and whenever I come out with new fabric I call to ask her what she wants right away. She just makes awesome stuff, including some superfly dresses for Bee over the years…

Honestly, I have no idea how she gets all that she gets done. It seems like there are new patterns, new projects, more posts, etc, etc, etc endlessly. I am convinced that the woman never, ever sleeps, and I am profoundly jealous of that. Seriously, I am pretty sure she has some crazy version of a TARDIS hidden away somewhere.

Okay, I know she sleeps, and I am pretty sure she can’t time travel, but she is pretty damn awesome. I am a huge fan, and I rarely like anything. And even more, I really like her. Hell, the last time I was in her area I popped over for a sewing afternoon, and people generally scare me. (Am I letting on about too many of my neuroses???)

What I am trying to say is that Rachael is one of my favorite people. She is one of the few people I know who are as neurotic and as driven as I am. She is that productive because she just works at it, endlessly. Even as she is passionately and entirely there for her family, she is still figuring out the next thing. She is a consummate juggler (figuratively speaking).

thomas-knauer-sews-rachael-gander-3So, if you don’t know and follow along with Rachael already, it is time you started; trust me on this one. You can keep up with the daily awesomeness over at ImagineGnats, and be sure to check out the new (brilliant venture) Perfect Pattern Parcel, which allows you to order an amazing set of patterns (thoughtfully curated) every two weeks. Not only is Rachael a wonderful pattern designer, but she tirelessly supports the creative community. See? Wicked awesome…

thomas-knauer-sews-rachael-gander-2But that is not all. She also pieced one of the quilts for Modern Quilts Perspectives. As the deadline for MQP drew near I found myself simply running out of days and I had one more quilt on the table than I could possibly finish. It was one that I had planned to do because it would require a lot of on-the-fly decisions. But when reality really hit I realized I needed someone I trusted to make all those decisions, not just well, but in much the same way I would. I needed someone I thought could kinda channel my eye, and it didn’t take me long to figure out who that was.


I messaged Rachael, and then twisted her arm, because Ampersand has a while lot of squares (900 in fact). And the pattern is all about placing things randomly, at least within the basic confines of the Ampersand pattern. But with Rachael taking care of the proverbial business I knew I could just let it go and have faith, and by golly I was right.

(Yep, I just said by golly…)

So, thank you so much Rachael, for all of your support and help over the years, for your expert assistance with Ampersand, and for, well, being you. I’ll see you in Pittsburgh… Yay!!!


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