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thomas-knauer-sews-book-launch-1So now that the book is actually here, and copies are starting to show up on real live bookshelves, my wonderful local quilt shop here in Cambridge is throwing a book launch to coincide with the grand opening of their new digs…

We’re having a bit of a shindig on April 5th, the first day of the Easter holidays here, at the new shop. I’ll be teaching two mini-workshops, each one demonstrating how to put together the X block for the cover quilt. Everybody in the workshop will get a signed copy of the book, materials for the workshop, and use of a machine (they have lots of fabulous Janomes). All you have to do is bring yourself to the party.

thomas-knauer-sews-book-launch-4I’ll also be around to chat and have tea (or more likely coffee) between the workshops and just be generally quilty and stuff, but the mini workshops will just be too much fun to pass up (trust me, I’ll likely be bouncing with all the caffeine, especially as the family will be getting ready to head off to Paris for a week the next morning).

So, if you are in the area, or even vaguely so, put it on your calendar. CBG is just an easy hour away on the train from King’s Cross, so it is an easy jaunt up for the London mod folks. I do love living in a country with a good train system; makes things so much easier. Heck, we’ve foregone having a car for the year, which makes us really, really happy. But I digress, as usual…

So, two weeks from today we’re doing an actual, in physical space book launch. Seems so quaint somehow, doesn’t it???

Hope to see you UK quilters there. For more details just get in touch with Sew Creative; they can sign you up for the workshops and make sure they have plenty of biscuits on hand for you. Mmmm… biscuits.


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