Pear Tree

Morning all. After traveling for 30 hours to get home (18 of those hours were delays) I finally made it back from the most amazing Quilt Market in SLC. I could never have imagined it would have been so wonderful, on every front. I will be talking about that all week, including my pics for the Quilt Market Scavenger Hunt that the super-awesome Katy and I are hosting, but more on all of that tomorrow. Today I want to get straight to a promise I made before I left…

Andover previewed my first line (on paper) at Market, and I promised I would show it to all of you in the blogosphere right after Market (if given the okay). Well, the okay was given, so it is time to share. I am so excited; I have been wanting to do this for months. Without further ado, Pear Tree:


I don’t want to twist your arms or anything, but I hope you love it!

So, now to spend today catching up with life at home, and trying to get a bit of sewing in. Tomorrow I’ll start the process of sharing my Market (or as much as I can, #teehee) with all of you. It was amazing, and I can’t thank everyone there enough for their kindness, their generosity, and all the love. I miss you all already, and can’t wait until Houston!!!

Though, I gotta say, I am glad to be back here with WW and Bee, and actually have the time to catch up with my online family. I missed you all while at Market. Couldn’t have made it there without your kindness, support, and advice.


Edit: Know what I forget to do? Talk about the inspiration. Won’t go into elaborate detail here, but this is what happens when I watch a few Partridge Family clips on YouTube. I think my mind works in mysterious ways. Come on get happy!!!

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