(Yep, I just started a post with OMG… Oy.)

I leave for Quilt Market tomorrow. I am so insanely excited. There are so many people I am looking forward to meeting, and so much that I want to see. With a bit of research, and a couple of suggestions from Lizzy House, I am armed with a list of vegetarian-friendly restaurants that should be able to handle my unique HKPP diet. So, I may even be able to eat in SLC without carrying around a bag full of sodium-free sandwiches. Hooray!!!

I convinced myself that I only need two pairs of shoes and don’t actually need to pack three outfits for each day I am there, just in case. I think I shall even be leaving enough room in my suitcase for all the fabric love to be picked up at Sample Spree.


Oh, and see what Bee is doing? She is showing off her drawing to her Pink Panther friend (she likes to share things with people on the TV). That will probably be me this weekend with Pear Tree this weekend. Yep, excited, that’s what I am. Though now I am nervous as well; the world is going to get it’s first look at Pear Tree, on paper at least. Of course I am totally excited about that, but a little terrified as well. Eeeek!!! So, if you are coming to Market, don’t forget to stop by Andover’s booth — it’s #800-805 — and check out Pear Tree. I’d love to hear what you think.

Oh, and have you heard about the Quilt Market Scavenger Hunt? You don’t have to be there to play; so it’ll hopefully be a bit like a virtual trip to Market for those who couldn’t make it. Oh, and prizes, can’t forget the prizes.

Well, off to do some last minute quilting and then start packing. OMG!!!

(Yep, I did it again.)


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