Parenthetically Speaking…

I really, really like parentheses. Seriously. If there is anything I like more than a good set of parentheses it’s a good set of brackets. Yep, I’m a geek.And just because I’m a quilter now doesn’t mean that my inner typographer is going away. I will always love brackets. Hence we have Parenthetical…


The thing is that I have found I really like chopping fabric up into tiny pieces, but I knew I had to do something to show off my birdie prints. The problem is that I so often don’t like quilts that just feel like they are there as props for the prints. So I didn’t want to make a quilt that screamed, “Look at these prints!!!” So one, two, three I decided to wrap everything in brackets and thing of each center square as an aside rather than a declaration. (I hope that makes even a modicum of sense.)

Again, I designed this for Pear Tree, but I think it is a great pattern for mixing big and medium (or even small) prints. My favorite part is actually the border of off-white around each of the center squares. While most of my quilts involve tons of open space, this one just has that tiny oasis of calm that I think really lets things pop.

Oh, and lest I forget credit where it is due, this too was quilted by the fantastic Angela Walters. Yay Angela!!!

Oh, and one other thing. Know what I’ve really learned about Pear Tree? I think the loops print is the bestest binding print ever in the history of everness. At least right now; that will probably change once I get my hands on Flock… I think I did all three of my patterns using the pink loops for the binding. Once I find something I like, I stick with it…


Anyway, the pattern for Parenthetical is now available in the good old online shop and will be available for wholesale orders next week… Eeek!!!


Can’t wait until this one gets home for good (eventually), ’cause Bee has quite resolutely laid claim to it. She’s kinda quilt greedy, and I love that about her.


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