At long last…

After what has seemed like an eternity, my full quilt patterns are finally coming back from the printer. I would never have expected this to be such an arduous process, but now I understand why. So many details to get just right, and hopefully I have right-gotten all those details. Thank you to all of the many proof-readers!!!

So, now that the printed versions are about to head off to some distributors (they are still available for direct wholesale to shops as well), it is time to get them up in the ol’ online shop as digital downloads as well. The first one to make its way there is the Bird’s Eye View quilt:


I gotta say that I love the heck out of this quilt, and not just because I designed it and I think it’s really yummy. Since I designed it, it has always reminded me of my Grandmother, but I didn’t know why for the longest time. She wasn’t a quilter; I don’t actually remember anything like it in relation to her. I was befuzzled about the correlation.

Then, one day, it dawned on me…

Step One: Bird’s Eye View is based on a traditional Middle Eastern weaving pattern normally referred to as a Bird’s Eye weave.

Step Two: My Grandparents lived in Lancaster, PA. As a kid I was enamored by the fact that about fifteen minutes from Lancaster is a town called Bird-in-Hand. I loved the idea of a phrase being the name of a town, especially since I grew up in the uninspiringly named Bricktown, NJ.

Step Three: Apparently the two phrases are permanently fused in my head, and this quilt will forever be associated with my grandmother. That’s how my brain works; get used to it.

This one was beautifully pieced by the fantastic Candi Weinrick and quilted by the incredible Angela Walters. Thanks to the two of them it was able to make it to my Schoolhouse at Quilt Market:

[Photo courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop]

Candi did such a fantastic job piecing this, and even caught a couple of silly errors in my pattern (all fixed now). And look at the awesome quilting Angela came up with. It is totally what I saw in my head before my head even knew it…


So, the PDF is now available in my online shop. Printed patterns are coming home from the printer tomorrow, so if you have a shop and are interested in placing a wholesale order, just drop me an email and we can make arrangements.

I am so nervous about diving into the land of patterns. While I designed these with Pear Tree in mind, I am so excited to see these made in other fabrics. I totally see Bird’s Eye View done scrappy. I have found that I really love working with smallish pieces (get ready for the next set of patterns; there will be some 1″ squares).

Hope you like Bird’s Eye View. It is currently on its way for a bit of time in Atlanta at Intown Quilters; you’ll be able to see it and the rest of my quilt patterns for most of December. If you are in the area, stop by and see them…


PS. The Parenthetical quilt is coming tomorrow, and then Opposites Attract this weekend. Yay!!!

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