(Don’t worry, I’m not painting)

Who would have thought painting would bring such ecstatic joy to Bee? I don’t meant that giggling happiness she so frequently entertains us with; I’m talking the Greek roots of the word here:

ecstasy, n. /ˈɛkstəsɪ/
The state of being ‘beside oneself’
Greek ἔκστασις, < ἐκστα- stem of ἐξιστάναι to put out of place Seriously, Bee just was gone. She was painting away, and not hearing a word we were saying. Asking her if she wanted another piece of paper was futile; and if one of us didn't hold on to her while the other changed the paper she just kept painting the easel. The girl was totally gone; just like me when I go into the design bunker. Like father, like daughter... thomas-knauer-sews-bee-paints-1



Thank goodness for baths…


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(Don’t worry, I’m not painting)

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