You can call me Mary…

We recently found, as we were digging though Wonderful Wife’s childhood books, this exceedingly outdated primer: the same one Wonderful Wife used when she was in First Grade. It has quickly become one of Bee’s favorite stories, but I think that is mostly because the goat, named Billy, ends up playing a prominent role:






I would like to say that this primer is hilariously outdated in its representation of gender roles, but I think I would be lying. For all the progress we’ve made culturally, little girls sew; boys don’t. We just remind Bee that Mary is sewing, just like Papa does, and remind ourselves that she is not quite up to deconstructing the text, yet; maybe next year…

And maybe one day day I’ll get a travel sewing kit in a super-mod suitcase…

A boy can dream, can’t he???


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