Good news, bad news, and something awesome!!!

So, Flock is in now in shops all over the place and that is the most exciting thing ever. I am so freakin’ in love with Flock that I can’t even begin to explain it, and this would normally be the time that I would start showing off the quilts I’ve made with it so far…

Note that I said, “would be.”

So here’s the bad news: all but one of my Flock quilts have gone off to magazines so I only have one wee one to show at the moment (but not right now). Of course this is also really good news for me and my growing practice as a quilter, but it makes it a bit harder to celebrate the release of Flock the way I would like to.

Now one of them I knew was going to go to a magazine: keep your eye out for the June issue of APQ (hitting newsstands on April 3rd). Trust me, it will be hard to miss Flock!!!

The second one just went out the door on a last minute sort of thing. Really excited to have it going there, but it means the post I had all set to go for today is, well, not going to happen. Hence, the good news, bad news thing. But worry not, I’ll get to work on whipping up some fun things soon, and there is Flock out there already being made into fabulous things…

Speaking of fabulous things, it’s time for the something awesome, made my the amazing Candi Weinrick


It’s Candi first official pattern, though it is far from her first chunk of awesomeness. I love the heck out of Candi (as does Bee) and am so excited and flattered that she chose Flock for the first pattern she is selling (available over on Craftsy).

I love how Flock of Geese (that’s what she’s called it) works for Flock, and love the scale shifts of the flying geese, and really love how she used big blocks of the Flock prints in an improv back (yay pieced backs!!!).


Love, love, love, love!!!

So head over to Candi’s blog to read more about Flock of Geese, and then head over to Craftsy to buy the pattern. Do it now!!!

So, there’s the good news, the bad news, and something awesome. Now it’s time to frantically get back to work to get through the rest of today’s monumental to-do list. Eeeek!!!!


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