My bracket is up…

My Modern Madness bracket that is…

If you don’t know about Modern Madness, it is a fun little NCAA basketball brackets style celebration of fabric hosted by Fat Quarterly. I am honored that Pear Tree was included in the matchups, but if you look at my bracket I have Pear Tree getting knocked out in the first round.


Anyway, there it is for perusal and comparison. Head on over to Fat Quarterly to download your brackets and play along. Voting has started today.

Have fun, and yay fabric!!!


EDIT: I took the idea of “modern” heavily into consideration in my selection process. I didn’t make choices in terms of what line was more or less modern, but response to and relationship with Modernism at large was definitely important in determining which collections moved on. This should not be construed as thinking “modern is better,” just that these considerations seemed significant to me as part of Modern Madness.

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