Giveaway time again…

It’s that time again; time to give away some fabric, and this giveaway is going to be a big one. Now, if you don’t remember my last giveaway, back one Pear Tree came out, my giveaways come with a string attached. In order to enter you need to commit to use at least some of the fabric you win to make a quilt for Bumble Beans Basics.

If you don’t know what Bumble Beans Basics is, please go and check it out. The wonderful Victoria Findlay Wolfe started BBB, working in conjunction with BASICS Inc. in the South Bronx, which offers housing services, health services, and a wide range of social services to homeless families.

While I wish I could spend more time making quilts to send to BBB, those pesky hours just keep slipping away. But what I can do is use my fabric to help a bit, hence the string attached to this giveaway.

To celebrate the release of Flock, I’m giving away six FQ bundles of the entire collection. In addition I have three complete FQ bundles of Pear Tree sitting on a shelf not doing anything, so I’m going to give those away too. That’s nine FQ bundles in all…


What you have to do is commit to make a baby/toddler quilt and send it to Bumble Beans BASICS within the next three months. If you don’t know what to make, feel free to make this one; it’s just 5″ and 10″ squares…


Though speaking of Flock, look at what the wonderful Victoria Findlay Wolfe did with some Flock I sent to her a while back:


As always, thanks for playing Victoria; I love your quilts!!!

So, now to the giveaway. Let’s review…

1. There are nine (9) FQ bundles to give away: Six (6) of Flock and three (3) of Pear Tree.

2. In order to enter you have to commit to make a baby quilt (or larger if you prefer) and donate that quilt to Bumble Beans BASICS.

3. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. Only comments on this post will count. One comment only please.

4. Entries will be accepted until noon NYC time on Friday, April 13th. (I’m always fond of Friday the 13th.)

5. Make sure you include your email either in your comment or make sure it is attached to your entry (when you comment it will request your email address; make sure to supply it). No-reply comments will be ignored… I’m not keen on hunting people down.

6. If you don’t win, please consider sending a quilt to Bumble Bean BASICS anyway. Please. Quilts can be donated year round and sent to:

Basic Housing, Inc.
Attn: Robert Gonzalez / BBINC
540 East 180th Street
Bronx, NY 10457

your name, email & address

please mail them with proof of delivery confirmation.

I think that covers everything. Please spread the word both about this giveaway and about Bumble Beans BASICS. And remember, if you don’t win this time you’ll have a chance again when Savanna Bop comes out. I’ll be doing this with every collection I do.

And with a whole set of FQs to play with, making a baby/toddler quilt will leave you plenty of fabric left over for your stash.

Oh, and I wonder how the winners from the last time I did this are progressing… Status update??? Pics???


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