A little more Flock

There is a new tradition in our house; every time a new collection of my fabric arrives I make a quilt for Bee. With any luck Bee is going to end up with so many quilts she’ll never have to buy a blanket. Ever.

And of course Bee is always excited.


I love how Bee always has one question to ask when I finish a quilt, “Is it for me?” (I wish I could convey her tone of voice; it’s adorable.) And when I say yes her face just lights up; sometimes she even jumps up and down and spins around. I think we’ve raised this girl right.

So Flock has already entered into heavy rotation as one of her sleeping quilts.


Of course with one of Bee’s “animal pits” right next to her bed. She has an upstairs and downstairs animal pit, which is where she likes to hide. No matter how many times we’ve tried to tidy these animal pits, they quickly come back, so we’ve grown to love them…


Of all the Flock quilts I’ve made, this may be my favorite. It is really simple, but all together like this I love how the collection turned out, and the colors just really have that vibe of worn flannel that I’ve been striving for. Yay!!!


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