So, I was poking through Quilt Out Loud today and realized that I may have the most inscrutable table of contents in Quiltland. I mean it makes perfect sense to me, but to the average eye it may well seem a random collection of words and phrases. 

I suppose that happens when one’s practice is all over the place, when no subject is out of bounds. What I really love about it, though, is that no-one tried to wrangle it into obvious coherence by layering some sort of meta structure. It just is what it is. In fact it feels more like an index at the front than a table of contents. 

I suppose what I really like about it is that it clearly states what is where but gives little indication of what you’ll find. It is mysterious, in a good way I think. It’s just that unlike aesthetically based quilts where the title vaguely references the form of the quilt, mine reference the concept, the content of the quilt which give very little information about the quilt itself.

Hence, this is definitely my favorite table of contents ever…

Until the next one.

Much love.


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