Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Every once in a while I come up with a projects that really pulls me out of my comfort zone. For the last couple of years my comfort zone has been solids and words. I’m not giving up the words, though how they are happening is something of an experiment, an attempt to visually convey the things I scream only in my mind when the whole gun/shooting/insanity thing comes up. My applique work just puts the words out there, but for this one I’m going for words though but unsaid…

But the real step out of my comfort zone is my fabric pull; I don’t think anyone in their right mind would have expected me to pull these two:

But there it is, a garish perversion of beauty, which kinda fits the bigger picture of this quilt. I want my text to get lost in there, but not entirely. You ever have that experience of almost being able to hear what someone is thinking; well that’s what I’m going for here. A certain intensity that almost vibrates with the rage that will be left understated in the presentation of the text itself.

I have no idea if this is going to work; there are so many ways it could go wrong, but I’ve decided it is worth the try. I need a new direction, or at least a new methodology now that Quilt Out Loud and Quilting Rhythm are off to press. I guess this is the perfect time for some experiments: books are off, QuiltCon quilts submitted, a secret something else sent off. My plate is clean and just waiting for me to make a proverbial mess.

Much love.


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