And So It Begins…

I am most probably the first person in the world to actually do this: sew a stitch into Pear Tree. It is rather exciting to be the first person to ever do something, at least when it doesn’t involve being the first person to tell Bee to not put something in her mouth.


I’m still waiting for some coordinating solids and the rest of my sample yardage to arrive to get started on the quilts, but I couldn’t resist whipping up a little pillow project, especially since Bee decided she really wanted to help me sew something this afternoon (yay bonus sewing time while handling toddler care at the same time). Of course Bee has a rather liberal, albeit wonderful, definition of helping.


(If you can’t figure out just what Bee is doing, she is pinning the fabric for me with her pinwheel. Seems logical enough to me, at least from the perspective of a three-year-old. I’m just kinda amazed that she has picked up on me talking about pinning things over the past year. Yay Bee!!!)

Can’t wait to see what other people do with Pear Tree when it hits the real world. *Insert giddy jumping up and down here*


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