A little crowd-sourcing help…

Hi all.

I know it’s been an eternity since I’ve posted, but this whole Market prep thing has been kinda overwhelming. It’s almost all been good, and some great things have come my way in the midst of the insanity, but it’s made me a less than diligent blogger. Heck, it’s made me a less than diligent tidier too…

thomas-knauer-sews-pre-market-studioNow, with Market just 15 days away I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (fingers cross that it’s a friendly light). Just have three more quilts to bind when they get back from the amazing Angela Walters, a few last proof reads of the quilt patterns, a new online shop to set up, a whole lot of packing, a Schoolhouse session to plan… Oh crap, I think I’ll just stop the list there before I scare myself.

Anyway, about this crowd-sourcing. I just realized that even though I wrote my bio this year it is woefully out of date. I truly dread doing these things, so I’m hoping for a bit of help. Here’s what I want: ask me questions and I’ll answer them. What do you want to know? And I don’t just mean about me, ask away. Ever wondered how I feel about Menudo? Who would win a fight: Hegel or Kant? What is the best cookie in the world? Where baby turtles come from? What’s the best way in the universe to waste time? How much is too much? Seriously, whatever. My brain is just too tired to deal with writing about myself properly after the past six weeks.

So, lend a hand, and help me maintain my sanity. Just ask your questions in a comment, or two. I’m begging you ’cause I don’t think I can bear to try to tackle this alone right now. Ack!!!


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