Thrift Shop Fun

Sometimes I love my local thrift shop, especially this week. Since this is the Summer of Pillows for me I decided to see what I could gather up for some upcycled pillows, and the second I walked in the door I knew just what I needed to play with: TIES!!!


Look at these beauties! They don’t make prints like that any more (that is probably a good idea). While it is unlikely that anyone would ever put these around their neck again, I see some some fantastic pillows in the making. I have no idea just what I am going to do with them yet, but I’m pretty sure the ties will show me the way. *Pause as my heart goes pitter-patter*

Oh, and for those of you needing your Bee fix; the little one is now starting in on board games, or a least one: Candyland. Who would have imagined anyone would get so excited about getting their wee plastic figurine to the Rainbow Candy Castle? And of course she beats me every time…



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  1. 1
    betz White says:

    major necktie envy! (and a little rainbow candy castle envy, too)

  2. 2

    Also, love boardgames. We even are trying to learn our 6 yr old the basics of Settlers of Catan. So far she has been doing a great job at playing the ‘bank’ of Catan, handing out sheep and bricks to the ‘settlers’. 🙂

  3. 3
    upstatelisa says:

    can you imagine wearing one of those gems? Played a few round of Candyland in my heyday! Have fun!

  4. 4
    Dr. S says:

    I WANT TO PLAY CANDYLAND WITH HER. But I’m afraid that I was always pretty competitive at Candyland, so perhaps it’s safer this way.

    I owe you a giant thank you and a huge hello, both of which I swear I’m going to send soon.


  5. 5

    Cute! (But I don’t mean the ties ; ))
    My girls love Candyland too. We are also into Blokus Trigon as a family. even the 3 yo is getting the concept. Perfect for the spacial thinking brains of us parents.

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