I Heart Pillows…


Not only is this the Summer of Scrap Vomit, it is also the Summer of Pillows. Six done thus far, five of which will be on blogs elsewhere in the coming months. Yay pillows!!! But that leaves one left over for a wee tutorial today; it is an easy pillow and I just love it, and so does Bee. What I especially love is the fabric!!! I Heart.. by the amazing Rashida Coleman-Hale. Rashida gave me a bundle of scraps at Spring Market for the Scrap Vomit Quilt, but there was plenty left over, and I have at last made the promised pillow (it has been just that busy this summer).


Here is the cutting guide for the pillow (it ends up 18″ square). Just cut your pieces, stitch together the vertical columns, and then stitch the columns together with including the strips in between. I used a linen/cotton blend ’cause I know how much Rashida loves her linen…


And here is the guide to the prints I used; you can get the SKU numbers here. For me the key is having the top and bottom prints of the center two columns be the same; it just makes it feel as if the pillow were part of a larger, unseen repeating pattern.


Once you have the top all stitched together use some brown pearl cotton embroidery floss to stitch along the center of all the sashing. I love this part so much; it really makes the simple design pop. And of course I am always looking for excuses to add a little embroidery to everything, even if it is a simple running stitch.


Then, just pop a backing on the pillow; I did a simple envelope, and stuff in a pillow form and voila; you have your shiny new pillow. It goes fabulously in both Bee’s nursery and our living room.

More pillows to come, but next week is all about the Scrap Vomit. Gotta get at least another dozen blocks done. Eeep!


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