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So, now that I am watching Babbit full-time during the day it seems like the space I have for work is running a little thin. And with so much to do I think I’m going to need to admit that I am not going to get ABCQAL posts up everyday day and still be able to write about/share anything else. Thus, the ABCQAL blocks will get released two at a time, every other day. On those other days I’ll share some writing, or ruminate on life here in Cambridge. Oh, and post more pics of the wee ones, since I know that is why most of you read my blog anyway (honestly, I can’t blame you; they’re awesome).

So, the blocks for the letters D & E will be up tomorrow, but today I am finally going to share the story of Bee’s school…

As some of you of FB know, it seems that the council here in Cambridge didn’t actually get around to assigning Bee a school until the week before school started, at which point we were pretty much down to two choices. Choice A was to go to the one failing school in the City and have the council provide transport to the other side of the city. Choice B was to go to a school that was rated better but was even farther away and pay for transport ourselves.

We were especially concerned about the school because while kids start at age five in the States, they start at four here. So Bee would be skipping a year that other kids have for her first go at proper school. Thus Choice A was never going to be a viable option for us. And once we did the math for transport for Choice B the numbers were really ugly to for a less than idea situation.

So, we looked for a Choice C and found it in a private school not so far from our house (close enough that Bee rides her bicycle there when the weather allows). It is in many, many ways a perfect situation for her, so we are doing what we have to do to pay for it. (Seriously, anyone want to buy Martha???) She’ll be learning some Mandarin and French, taking music, and ballet, and doing drama after school. When it comes right down to it I think things have worked out quite well, thanks to a good deal of luck and an under-enrolled class for Year One…

Oh, and she looks incredibly charming in her uniform…


Perhaps next term I’ll see about starting up an embroidery club at her school. Surely everyone would love to do Word Girl embroidery, or at least Peppa Pig…

Meanwhile, Babbit is growing increasingly round and charming. We spend our mornings doing the shopping at the Cambridge’s open-air market, and our afternoons exploring, reading, and playing. He still has no interest in crawling, or rolling over, or moving himself about in any way whatsoever. I think he just plans to become infinitely round and use gravity to attract everything to him. Or if not gravity, his seemingly inexhaustible charm…


Anyway, things appear to be progressing nicely, though I am seriously looking forward to the arrival of my sewing machine and all the fabric and quilts I shipped over. I have a million ideas and am itching to get back to making…


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5 Responses to Status Update…

  1. 1
    Andrea says:

    as a Brit transplanted to Canada, I would be so envious of those kids getting to attend Peppa Pig Embroidery classes…if you do them PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create patterns that we can purchase. And if you need anything small sent over to you from North America, I can trade for regular shipments of fudge fingers!

  2. 2
    Cruz says:

    What a nice ending (beginning?)!

  3. 3
    Kim says:

    So happy to see everyone adjusting and B and Babbitt looking so adorable! Have missed you in the same time zone but love seeing your new adventures!! LUVZ!!!!!

  4. 4
    Joanne Jones says:

    It’s true, I read because of the kids haha! Love that picture of Babbit, what a happy chap and Bee looks so gorgeous in her new uniform. Hope she’s enjoying her new school.

  5. 5
    Karen says:

    I came to your blog to see the Abecedarian Quilt Along (and not just because I think abecedarian is one of the coolest words and I was impressed that someone was cementing it into widespread usage), but have to leave a comment here and say that those are the best kiddie photos ever! First day of school – so lovely and brings back so many memories of a different child, different school, different country. And Babbit! You’re right – his gravitational pull is completely irresistible. Thanks for a wonderful blog post and a a great blog altogether. I am heading back for more reading right this minute!

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