Go Tell It!


So, while I was at QuiltCon I was lucky enough to do a short interview with the amazing Quilt Alliance for their Go Tell It! series. I was given three minutes, had a mic clipped to me, and was told to go, to talk about my quilt In Defense of Handmade.

If you’ve read any of my previous post you know that is a dangerous thing to do. So here is the interview, by which I mean monologue.

If you’ve ever wondered what my lectures are like, just imagine something like this going on for an hour…

Once again I say that I need to do lectures on a quilt cruise so we can have classes in the bar; a couple of drinks for the students might not be a bad idea, but I digress…

Yay talking quilts, and art, and capitalism, and politics!!!

You can also see the interviews with Jacquie Gering and Victoria Findlay Wolfe. I seem to be keeping some awesome company…


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