Slow and quiet…

Since my HKPP has decided to kick my proverbial ass this weekend, the key words have become slow and quiet. There isn’t much I can do, but at a certain point being bedridden becomes counter productive. So, after some healthy doses of the handy-dandy medications I decided to slowly make my way to the studio.

Not letting myself do any real work, but am doing a bit of random pleasure sewing. The other day I did something naughty and bought some Denyse Schmidt fabric at Joann’s (those freakin’ coupons sucked me in). I try to not buy fabric there, especially now that I do fabric for the LQS world, but I gave in. (Bad me!!!)

Anyway, I just went into the studio and started cutting and sewing (slowly) and am making steady progress on this top. Not sure if I want to just let it play out to toddler size, or add an off-white border and go lap-size. I think it could go either way. Hmmm…


Anyway, now it’s time for a bit of down-time. Maybe I’ll get this wrapped up this afternoon. Maybe not…


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    Jamie Lee says:

    Oh, I really like that design. Very sharp!

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    There is a certain amount of truth to the idea of the tortured artist. Though it usually references emotional torture, it apparently holds true to physical torture as well. This is lovely. I’m sorry you’re feeling badly. How long does it usually last? I’ve been reading about it… You’re a hero of sorts.

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      thomas says:

      If the pattern holds I should bounce back tomorrow. There is usually a weird day, then a total crap day, and then I come back. Today is the crap day, which seems to function almost like a reboot.

      Oh, and anything but a hero. The women who remain primary care-givers to their children while going through this are amazing. Or the parents with children with this. I’m lucky that it only took two years to develop a management protocol, and that I have responded so well to it.

      Oh, and I finished the top. Actually turned it sideways from how it is photographed. Rather happy with it; now to quilt it and give it away…

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    That top is lovely. I hope that you are feeling yourself very soon. I think we all have our challenges to face and at least you are doing it with dignity! Sending you good vibes!

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    Amy says:

    The other day I did something naughty and bought some Denyse Schmidt fabric at Joann’s (those freakin’ coupons sucked me in). I try to not buy fabric there, especially now that I do fabric for the LQS world, but I gave in. (Bad me!!!)

    Why on earth would you feel bad about supporting your local economy? (They usually rent the space they use, the pay local taxes – at a mimimum – they employ people in your community, the people who design the fabric sold there are earning a living, etc.) DS does fabric for the LQS world too & my LQS’s don’t buy it, online shops can be hit or miss too. At least at Joanns, I am fairly guaranteed to get what I want.

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      thomas says:

      I really don’t have anything against Joann’s, it is just a matter of how I have defined local for myself. I feel like my closest community is the small number of fabric designers who work with the LQS world. As a member of that community I feel like it is important for me to support my fellow independent designers. Of course I also want to support the LQS community (brick and mortar and online) that supports the independent designers. I do buy some of my basics at Joann’s, but when it comes to prints I try to support my fellow fabric designers, especially those I know personally. I don’t mean to make an universal proclamation, just a person goal, to turn to the work of my friends and peers when I make the things I make.

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    Martha Heidt says:

    I am sending hugs your way. I hope you are feeling better soon!
    Some folks are very snooty about JoAnn’s. I think that if you work with fabric you can tell if it’s quality or not. Their coupons let me have more bucks for the big quilting opportunities–like Paducah! 🙂
    I like to buy Minkee backs for kiddo quilts at JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby. Why pay sixteen or seventeen dollars a yard when you can get the same goods for ten or eleven?
    Feel better soon!! Your quilt is way cool!

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      thomas says:

      I don’t man to be snooty, but I guess I have defined local differently for myself. I know a lot of the designers that design for the LQS world now, and feel like they really are my community and really want to support them, especially now that I know how difficult it is to make a career of being an independent fabric designer.

    • 5.2

      I don’t mean to sound like a fabric snob but it’s cheaper because it’s *not* the same thing. There are three tiers of quality of fabrics and any reputable LQS sells the top tier. You may think you’re getting the same thing at JoAnns but it is actually a lower quality. It’s like the difference between buying a sewing machine at WalMart and buying one from a dealer. Dealer prices are higher because they offera higher quality.

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    Martha Heidt says:

    I wasn’t implying that you are snooty. 🙂
    You make a good argument. Several of my local quilt shops are going out of business or becoming on-line only shops. There is a new shop nearby, though, and I gave the owner your web address. I hope she contacts you.

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    I am loving this quilt and I am super in love with your daughter!!

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