Babies, and baby quilts, are cool…

I kinda missed out on making baby quilts for Bee. Part of that was the whole two-year saga to diagnose my HKPP, and the other part was the fact that I hadn’t learned to sew yet. I like to imagine that I would have made her baby quilts if I could, but then again I like to imagine lots of things…

Anyway, just because Bee isn’t a baby any more doesn’t mean that I can’t make baby quilts anyway. I have friends having babies, right??? Cue the picture of my Growth Chart quilt:


I really wanted to do a super-scrappy quilt design, partly because I had lots and lots of Pear Tree scraps around, and partly because I just like scraps. I also wanted an excuse to try my hand at dense quilting for the first time, and I am now addicted…


But what I really love about this quilt, is the contrast between the front and the back. I love doing tops with a lot of wide open space, and playing that off against vibrant, pieced backs. I may have the hole quilt thing completely backwards, but that is part of what I really love about quilts, the reveal when you curl up under it and find a whole new design on the back, often one that is completely unexpected.


As you can see, we also like using baby quilts as play-mats; baby quilts never cease to be useful…

Anyway, the Growth Chart pattern is now available in the Thomas Knauer Sews online shop. I think it’s fun as heck to make, and comes together lickety-split…


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    I love this quilt- the quilting is fabulous and the back is so colorful. I find that baby quilts are endlessly useful. 🙂

  2. 2

    Lovely quilt and the quilting is phenomenal!

  3. 3

    I love it. Love the design, love the quilting, love it. And I would love to see a closeup of the back to see how the quilting looks on all of those diagonal lines. I’d bet it’s radtastic.

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