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So, shortly after I had finished designing Pear Tree I started playing around with embroidery designs to go with it. Granted at that point I probably hadn’t done a stitch of hand embroidery in, well, ever… But it’s not like that’s ever stopped me before, but I’m not an idiot either. I figured I was going to need some help, a collaborator.

Luckily I know some awesome people via Twitter, and I knew just who I wanted to work with: the fabulous Nicole of Follow the White Bunny. So, I worked up a design and asked Nicole if she wanted to develop the stitchery design. Happily she said yes, and long story short we ended up with this super-awesome pillow:


While I love the design, I gotta say that Nicole really carried the weight here; her stitch design is just perfect. Seriously, it looks exactly as it would have in my head if my imagination were cool enough.


Now is the time when everybody should run over to Nicole’s blog and tell her just how awesome she is. Seriously, do it now or else I might get angry, and you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. (Sorry, I do periodically slip into being the Hulk, except for the turning green or actually being strong part.)

Anyway, the pattern for both the embroidery and the pillow are now available in the Thomas Knauer Sews shop. Go get it now. You don’t want me to make another pointless Hulk reference, do you???

Thanks so much for working with me Nicole. You are a total bad ass…


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