Why Quilts Matter (Part 1)…


A while back I was asked to do a quick Q&A with Why Quilts Matter, and of course I said yes. First off, because I am always up to a bit of A when some good Qs are involved, but also because I am a big fan of Why Quilts Matter, and truly do believe that quilts matter.

Of course, I was asked to offer up some brief answers to the questions, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen. Granted I tried to be as brief as I could because as many of you know I like to explore issues at length. Anyway, the good folks at WQM decided to break my Q&A up into two parts since, well, my brevity just doesn’t count as brevity. I am honored that they have decided to go ahead with my full answers because they thought the explorations worth sharing.

I am also honored that they have chosen to quote from and link to one of my favorite posts: Reflections on the Industry (Part Two). I love the bit from that post that they decided to pull out and quote:

As much as I hear quilters complain that the tradition is being forgotten, that the techniques are not properly respected, why is it that these organizations that exist to preserve the remarkable tradition of quilting and explore the profound meaning of these objects that we all love are not the most supported parts of our industry? …If you are truly concerned about the preservation of the tradition forego a FQ bundle and send that money to a quilt museum.

So, head on over and read the Part One of my Q&A with Why Quilts Matter right here. And then go out and support the project, or another of the great quilting organizations that are out there.

Oh, and stay tuned for Part Two next week…


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