Who likes adorable and awesome???

Okay, with a blog title that includes the words adorable and awesome you know this post is gonna include Bee. The really great thing is that it also includes something that finally showed up at Quilt Market: the new issue of Generation Q!!!


What seems like an eternity ago I made a quilt for the magazine, which was brilliantly quilted by my quilt-wife the fabulous Lisa. Gen Q decided to publish the quilt, and then a little later they decided to do an interview. The interview turned into a profile, and the profile led to a photo shoot. That photo shoot then led to the cover photo (by my local friend Josh).

Bee and I had the best time doing the photo shoot; in the photo on the cover we are reading a new edition of Pippi Longstocking with illustrations by the brilliant Lauren Child. There is also a great photo of Bee and me throwing stuffed bunnies in the air while standing on the quilt I had made for the mag.

Oh yeah, the quilt. It’s purple. Very, very purple. But to see that you’ll need to get a copy of the new issue of Gen Q; it should be hitting shops any day now. Gn Q has a handy list of places to buy a copy here.

Go. Get a copy. Get it now. I’m pretty sure I said a few borderline insane things in the profile, or at least highly neurotic things, and that’s always fun…

Yay Gen Q!!!


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