And now I wait…

Perhaps I ought to explain that a bit.

So, I finally finished my Washi top, but have to wait to quilt it. Not only to I suddenly find myself with a stack of urgent projects again (I swore things were going to slow down after the 15th), but I’m also waiting for a new addition to the studio before I quilt this big boy…


You see, pretty soon I’m gonna have a new sewing machine, and I am just giddy. I’m getting a shiny new Janome Horizon 7700, which will make quilting big quilts so much easier… Yay!!!

So, now I wait, and by wait I mean frantically work on all of the other projects that need my attention until the pretty new machine comes…

Until then I just have to pet the Washi top and dream of sleeping under the finished quilt.


Love you Rashida, and Washi rocks!!!


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