Okay, now that the cat is out of the awesome bag I get to talk about one of the most awesomest things ever. Like seriously, I think I could die a happy designer now, and I have the amazing, incredible, extraordinary Melody Miller to thank for that.

You see a few months (or more) ago she asked if I’d be up to lending a wee hand with a print she was designing for her next collection, and of course I jumped at the chance. Hell, I dropped everything else I was doing and went right at it; she is just that awesome in my book (we’re talking hero here).

She asked if I would be interested in designing a label for an old vinyl 7″, which is what I grew up on. Well, cassettes were probably the currency of the music land when I was really developing my own taste, but at that point the punk scene still lived in the land of the 7″. I had no idea how the final thing was going to look, but I sent her two designs and crossed my fingers.

Well, a couple of days ago the incredible MissLetterM sent me cuts of the two colors of the vinyl print (vinyl record reference, not vinyl fabric), along with a nice cut of the extraordinary typewriter print from Ruby Star Shining. So, here are the prints…


And lucky me, Melody included both of the labels I designed. The first is Siddhartha Runs Amok in Boston for the Weekend by The Legerdemains. Siddhartha Runs Amok in Boston for the Weekend is actually the crappy solo music project I did in my late teens after my high school bands Public Enema and Shirley MacLaine & the Transformers broke up. It was kind of Syd Barrett meets The Modern Lovers meets The Ramones. And now it has been immortalized in fabric!!!


The second is Schixoid El Camino by The Teddy Ruxpin Orchestra. The song name is a little nod to King Crimson’s 21st Century Schixoid Man, and the band is, well, just because Teddy Ruxpin is so creepily awesome. I especially love the idea of The Teddy Ruxpin Orchestra as a eerie speed-metal/death-metal band from Passaic, New Jersey.


So, thank you so much for letting me play Melody. I’m hoping once I send all of my stuff off to Market I’ll be able to sneak in a little time to make myself a Market bag in hopes that some of your awesomeness will rub off on me…


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