The Problem…

Here’s the problem: I’m a designer now. I resisted this fact for nearly twenty years. Even when I was a design professor I clung to the early 20th century notion of the avande garde designer, that borderline practitioner that never quite really slipped into practice.

Well, now I am quite definitely a designer, or at least the contracts say so. A lot of that is really awesome, seriously so. I love designing the stuff I am designing, but it does mean I have to relinquish control. I’ve never, ever, ever been good at that. If you’ve ever met me in person you can probably feel the obsessiveness and neuroses just vibrating off of me. I don’t like not controlling ever detail, and it is driving me increasingly batty.

I think I might need some serious sedatives if I am going to keep doing this. Either that or a way to make sure things come out just right. That isn’t so much to ask for is it? Surely perfection isn’t so hard?


Maybe I should just get those sedatives.

Yay sedation!!!


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