Sometimes I Loathe the World…

And here is why:

thomas-knauer-sews-future-mrs-bieber(Photo via

So, we were unfortunately at the mall today with Bee — I really needed new trousers — and we wandered past The Children’s Place only to see this tee shirt. I stopped cold in my tracks, turned Bee around, and resolved to never buy anything for Bee from there ever again (even if they have the cords that seem to fit Bee perfectly).

It would be one thing if this shirt were for teenagers, a rather frightening thing, but within the realm of the not-entirely-horrifying. But no, this one starts with a small that is for five-year-old girls. WTFF!!! (That would be What The Flying Fuck!)

Not only does this disturb me, but it truly offends me as a father of a little girl. That is what we culturally find acceptable to have our wee ones aspire to? Where is the Future Supreme Court Justice shirt for Bee???

I guess I’ll have to make that for her to fend of the enormous sense of revulsion I feel right now. Grrr…

Hugs (and a bit of surliness),

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