Savanna Bop (the embroidery edition)

Sorry to be hitting you all with mediocre pics, but there is so much that is being pulled together just in time for Quilt Market next week. That said, I just had to share a few pics of the freshly hooped up samples for the new embroidery patterns I’ll be releasing to go with Savanna Bop…

They just arrived in the mail from my wonderful sample maker (my dear Mum) and they got a quick hooping yesterday and today before getting packed into the box that is on it’s way to Kansas City as we speak…

As with the quilts I’ll get good pics when they come home, and I expect to have patterns for all of the embroidery by the first week in June, just in time to play with along with some Savanna Bop, which is just now hitting shops…

Anyway, here’s the embroidery. Thanks so much for doing these, Mum; you’re a lifesaver…






And know why I really need to get better pictures? To show off the fantastic colors of the embroidery thread. They are all Cosmo thread, which I love the heck out of!!! Seriously, the colors are so yummy and just fit my eye; there is just something about the tone that resonates for me, bright without being over the top.

No, back to the pile of projects I still need to get through before I can leave for Market. Ack!!!


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