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(Head over to the Quilting with a Modern Slant blog to read Rachel’s post for the MQP blog tour. I am insanely honored to be included in her book, and grateful that she is taking part in the blog tour. Thank you so much Rachel…)

Almost two years ago I got an email out of the blue; it was from a complete stranger asking about doing an interview for a book on modern quilting. At that point it was just eighteen months since I had made my first quilt, so I was a bit flabbergasted (yep, I like that word: flabbergasted). Yes, I had come out with three fabric collections at that point, but didn’t really think I had done anything much of note yet. I had just signed the contract for Modern Quilt Perspectives, and I certainly had plans to do things around here, but really, interview me for a book??? That email was from Rachel May, author of Quilting with a Modern Slant, and lead to one of the best quilty phone calls I have ever had.

QuiltingwithModernSlantI couldn’t be more honored that Rachel did want to interview me; I am truly excited to be a small piece in what is an incredibly important book, though I wish I could replace the quilts I have in there now. It feels like centuries since I made those, and all the quilts I really wanted to include were going to be wrapped up in Modern Quilt Perspectives. But that is the way I always feel; I am pretty sure that in a year or two I’ll want to hide all of the quilts in this book. But I digress, yet again…

I am so excited for the success Rachel has been having with Quilting with a Modern Slant, and hope she is already planning a second book, Quilting with a Postmodern Slant, perhaps???

I could go on and on about Rachel’s book; in fact I already have. You should go read my post about Quilting with a Modern Slant right here. But I do want to pull an excerpt from my post here, a bit that I really think gets to the core of why I think Rachel’s book should be in everybody’s quilting library:

“she opens up a space in which we can explore just what quilting means to us today. It’s not so important to pin down exactly what modern means, but it is significant to recognize that something different is happening now, that the impulse to quilt in the 21st century is an impulse worthy of investigation. And throughout Quilting with a Modern Slant, Rachel offers that anthropological eye as she weaves together a remarkable perspective on the recent revival of quilting.”

It is my profound hope that Modern Quilt Perspectives can offer a little something to go with Rachel’s work, a view that goes beyond the aesthetic and may provide some answers as to why quilting is particularly relevant today.

And know what, it makes me crazy happy to see this on Amazon, the perpetual offer to pair our two books:


So, in that vein, I am happy to be giving away a copy of Quilting with a Modern Slant on my blog while Rachel is giving away a copy of Modern Quilt Perspectives over on the QwaMS blog. Kinda awesome, right???


For a chance to win a copy of Rachel’s book here just comment on this post. I’ll draw the winner on April 5th (‘cause we’re heading off to Paris on the 6th and I gotta wrap this up before then…)

So, thank you Rachel for including me in your book and having the confidence that I would deserve to be there. I am both flattered and honored. And thank you for taking part in the MQP blog tour. Now to actually find a time to hang out and get all geeky about quilts. Go-go Gadget academic quilters!!!

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