People are Awesome…

So, I’ve made it home from Market and I am slowly recovering. I have to admit that Market takes a hell of a lot out of me; it is an exhausting marathon (mostly fabulous) on its own, but add in a chronic illness and it can just beat you up.

But… It is totally worth it. And one of the biggest reason is the people, and this year I couldn’t have even made it to Market without the help of a lot of wonderful and generous people. I am generally loathe to ask for help, but with two collections to present at Market there was no way I was going to make it without a lot of support. So today I want to highlight all of the people who made Market possible.

First up there is Dan, who has been a big supporter from the get-go for me. This time around he really pulled out all the stops (not that he doesn’t always) and made this extraordinary quilt with Frippery…


You can see why Dan is, in my humble opinion, one of the leading voices in the modern quilting community…


And then there is the back. I totally want to collaborate on a book with Dan call Our Backs are Our Fronts


Read more about Dan’s quilt on his blog right here

And then there are Audrie and Shelly. Audrie pieced this quilt to perfection and Shelly quilted it beautifully.


While the quilt looks simple it is a bit deceptive. Every single piece required a template (one template for the whole quilt, but still) and longarming perfectly straight lines on a diagonal (and a precise angle that had to be maintained) is a total bear for those who have never tried it. I am insanely grateful for all of their help. Oh, and a new friend here in Utica — the brilliant Clare — did the binding. I have never touched a quilt so little in my life, but needs must at times. Shelly also pieced another top for me, but that one is for another post…

And then there is Trish of Two Peas in a Pod, who used Frippery for her new bag pattern…


Trish released the pattern at Market, so hit up your local shop to carry it, or check out her Where to Buy page to find someone who already carries her patterns.

And then there is Kim, who not only made an amazing quilt with Frippery, she made it for my soon to be baby son. I love how she interpreted and pushed Frippery with this quilt, and then asked the wonderful Lisa to quilt it. I am still blown away by the generosity and, well, just plain awesomeness!!! Top to bottom this quilt is a stunner and I can’t wait for little Milo (not going to be his name) to spit up on it (’cause that’s what quilts accumulate love)…


And then there is the last minute Market skirt my local friend Rachel whipped up on a moment’s notice. I wanted to wear my fabric at Market like everybody else, and it just seemed to scream out to be a skirt, so Rae went into awesome mode and pulled out the reversible wrap skirt (the other side the blue Asbury cheater print) just in time for Market. And as a bonus I get to wear it with Bee to prove that boys can wear skirts too…

(photo via Quilt Jane)

And then, last but certainly not least, is Rachel of ImagineGnats fame. Rachel stepped up at the very, very last minute as I got my sample yardage for Asbury with just over a week to go before Market. Even with a bit of a shipping SNAFU she managed to pull off two fantastic dresses for Bee and a wonderful quilt (a gigantic block of her devising).

First off there is the Soft Serve dress she made. Notice the insanity of matching up the prints along the curve in the bodice and the hem trim. My brain simple goggles…


And then for added details of awesome, she used the Frippery peacocks to line the bodice, and then more Frippery for the pockets. Did I mention that she had about a day to make two dresses???


For the second dress she rocked the bumper cars print from Asbury, using a perfectly chosen turquoise for the trim to give it just that hint of punk rock awesome…


And for an added detail, she rummaged up a B button for Bee. I love details!!!


And, as if that wasn’t enough, Rachel busted out a baby quilt too. I thought I was productive, but now I just feel like a slacker…


Go check out Rachel’s blog to read more about all of these projects.

And please go read the blogs of all the people who pitched in with their talents, their time, and their generosity to make my Market possible. I am so profoundly grateful for all of the help. You all completely rock!!!

Yay people!!!


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