Paris (and some thank yous)…


Please forgive me for letting things lapse these past few days. Yes, the blog tour has continued on, and the last few posts have been wonderful.

Amy Smart generously took the time to take part even though she is about to launch her own book: Fabulously Fast Quilts.

Sara Lawson took time in the midst of getting to launch her new fabric collection with Art Gallery and a slew of new patterns to share the Modern Quilt Perspectives love.

Kim Niedzwiecki of Go Go Kim, posted to the blog tour yesterday with her usual kindness and, well, effusiveness, and even threw in some Aurifil (because I always love my Aurifil and buy it by the box).

And today, the brilliant Rashida Coleman-Hale joined in the blog tour, dusting off the blog and taking time away from the preparations for the big Cotton + Steel coming out party at Market in Pittsburgh.

I am so enormously grateful to each and every one of them, and certainly owe them a long post of love, but you see, right now I am Paris, in bed, with a fever pushing 104. Actually we are all sick. We hit EuroDisney with K having what seemed a bit of a cold, and we hit Paris proper and promptly called for medical help (which came to our flat) and we found that we are all rather ill. K and Bee are ill, but slightly human, Babbit is sick, but taking it is his usual baby stride, but I am feeling the effects of a high fever on my HKPP, so here I am in bed, vaguely coherent.

So, for the time being this expression of my gratitude and my love may have to do. I am sorry for the sudden drop off around here, and I am sorry I have not posted the love that you all deserve. Perhaps you will forgive me if I bring you candy to Market. That always helps, right???

But for now I am going to crawl back deeper under the blankets and hope I can be human tomorrow. Paris awaits, and K surely needs some help with the kids…


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